Street Stories – 90’s Hip-Hop Instrumental

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  1. Argo Phukurself says:

    One of the few actually production quality beats that one can get down to. I write quite a few of my shitty ass rhymes to this dopeness. You sir, should be getting paid to do this shit.

  2. samblekz essência says:

    bit loco

  3. Gasmask IV says:

    Psycho realm type of beat

  4. Chan Uppuluri says:

    I like it. my study music used to be like this

  5. Nathan Munoz says:

    I ones knew a guy who that he was always thinking that he was hard Intel he mad a mastake he that he was fucking around with fake but it was a late night it happened so quick saw the homie lying down bye a green little truck got shot multiple times couldn’t move he said nothing but still breathing he looked lost confused scared I could see it in his eyes lonely but the reeper in descised got him no lies what I am telling happen nobody laughing but the cops like nothing happened shit might as well be clapping news reported got there just to show what happened to the world .

  6. InstrumenTop says:

    Dear nice playlist. cool work. emotional track.go on up

  7. Daves toy cave says:

    I could easily rap to this!

  8. HAN SOWLO says:

    fuck the one percent cut their heads spill blood the scent
    pass through a cannabilistic descent brown skin i present buddah sesh by flesh making my eyes dilate mind ina state eyes so glaze i see the devil, on top of theses flames melting deforming like he made out of clay

  9. kØs says:

    Get me a joint and ill start rapping

  10. CrAzY JaY says:

    Woke up quick back to reality can’t describe what I see when I look at my own reflection how come I always swerve off this intersection and take the back roads avoid the potholes that bring me down to rock bottom I can’t solve my own problems throughout these strange days dark clouds hover above me the rain storm follows me we’re ever I go even when I come back to my household I still don’t feel like I’m home as I look around I realize I’ll will always be alone, zone out for weeks toss and turn try to go to sleep counting down the sheep that disappear into my sheets in healing chemicals into my body to claim down my nerves fuck I’m out of new port go to the 711 store to get a new pact I’m a dollar short to support my bad habits walk out back into the empty street remembering the good old days from 7th and 8th grade when shit was easy when my homies weren’t the enemy -crazy jay

  11. Old School says:


  12. Purple Six Beats says:

    Smooth morning vibe. 🙂

  13. harley quinn says:

    reminds me of cypress hill. love it

  14. Isaac Mireles says:


    here we go I’m writing but no one understands I spit for the kids with no father’s nor golf wrist watches or diamond necklaces kids like me weren’t handed a silver spooned I’d be lucky too even have a hot meal I’m chubby now cause I take advantage this gift I was granted allows me too achieve and get food and a house fuck bitches and hoes or pool party’s I just wanna enough too make it thru this so called stare in to my eyes what do you see a dark menace showing nothing but evil but really inside there’s nothing but an angel showing nothing but fearless solider but inside he’s scared alone he’s more scared then his wrist is

  15. hip2dahop it don't stop says:

    oh yes, this beat goes hard. sounds like a beat that would’ve been on “hell on earth” by mobb deep back in “96”

  16. Aaron Switzer says:

    is this free to use i’ll give u all the credit on it

  17. maddy burke says:


  18. InfernetBIZZLE says:

    love the vinyl cracks! sounds so natural

  19. jessy wavelet says:

    je traine souvent le soir et des portes s’ouvre la mélancolie et venue de moi mais pourtant je vois flou sur la pomme de ma main je n’ai rien de méchant et rien de déplaisant pourtant j’ai des amis qui mon lâcher peux t’être je me suit trompés de routes je lâches des textes parceque c’est le fruit de la passion pour raper besoin d’évacuer la pression et l’impression d’être dans une fiction pourtant c’est ma plume qui ma guider dans un monde qui n’a pas de prison y’a pas que les conflits qui ronge les dents des poto pour évoluer ta besoin d’apprentie je t’apprendrai j’en suit un maestro la routine et très déplaisant je suis comme un homme qui a montrer sa ville the rend

  20. Walnutz says:

    why can’t all these good YouTube writers I see actually fucking record something, it shits me were missin out on some good shit some of you come up with!!…

    I wanna hear that shit not read it, I wanna hear the flow while you breathe it, wanna believe it, in audio waveform receive it, from day to dawn repeat it, get a good copy after 20 tries you deleted, sun shines when the reciprocation in the skies depleted, open me up to your world, your vision I wanna see it

  21. Alejandro Zamudio says:

    ideas fuera de la logica mi muerte anunciada seran las cronicas que deje con estas frases simbolicas que dejan gente atonita ma a tony tambien lo lleve fuera de la orbita

    hablan porque tienen grande la boca ya me acostumbre de cerrarsela a esos idiotas que piensan que la vida son solo notas
    magistrales en el cole y en la u mas de 20 tengo en notas musicales me criticas por que no te sale fluyo a raudales caudales provocados por lluvias torrenciales que caen sobre mis lagunas mentales se vienen tempestades hades me mostro sus habilidades pero vivir feliz por siempre es algo que solo dios sabe

    conmigo mismo choco el diablo me hablo me dijo que el cielo es prohibido y restringido para locos entonces porque amo tanto al mundo y la naturaleza aunque la gente haga tan poco por ella tampoco hay necesidad de estar buscando estrellas si ya te encuentras entre ellas

    padre la gente me dice que hace este fumon hablando de dios si no ha visto a cristo ni escucha su voz yo me rio de esos comentarios porque no es necesario contar algo que solo sabemos nosotros dos su voz esta en mi cabeza como poner a tu oreja un altavoz
    nos crearon nacemos con una mision cada uno nace con un propio don que le fue otorgado al cortal el cordon los valores mas necesitados en este mundo son la humildad, la solidaridad y el perdon, parado en este ring contra el mundo de caos hay veces que lo knockeo pero a veces me deja knockout no sin antes un.golpe haberle dao
    padre dicen que soy maldito, por nacer sin alas y poder volar hasta el infinito, mis escritos son tan emocionantes.como contarle un cuento a los mas chicos, arte te explico en marte medito

    me ves confundido dices que hoy estoy pegado, si mi mente hace mas ruido que el trafico de la la.javier prado estoy hundido en mis lagunas sabiendo que nado

  22. Moustache Suave says:

    Damn you could write 3 songs with the amount of verses in this comment section. Anyways those verses are all dope and the instrumental is dope too.

  23. The BK Beats Channel says:

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  24. Facundo Morales says:
    salio una buena cancion con este beat!

  25. AYDEE PAITAN says:

    Sigo a mi instinto como un animal un ser racional el sonido de la instrumental me anima tengo seres queridos que me miran desde arriba quiero llorar pero ya no me quedan lagrimas

    Mamá saldré a patinar quiero ir en ruedas por el mundo y jamás parar la vida es un sueño que va a terminar pronto así que Clonazepam pa no despertar

    Era un adicto al Clonazepam dios apareció y me dijo toma ese pan no juegues con el nombre de Dios en vano hermano ama al prójimo y a toda tu fam Ilia corre la envidia

  26. octa Martel says:

    una pregunta broh, es de uso libre ?

  27. Jerome Shipway gbcdn says:

    Lee ricks

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