Super Mario Bros Z Episode 8: The Great Doomship Offensive (full Length)

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  1. hoan van nguyen says:


  2. Superfighter 64 says:

    The beginning is hotel Mario in sprites the letter even says seven Koopa hotels

  3. Aidan Golembiewski says:

    Fire Sonic = SSJ4 Goku

  4. sonicyoutuber sonicyoutuber says:

    lol n

  5. ɖʝ _ʆօʋɛ says:

    26:05 God mode


    Bro shadow left me

  7. Alan Cartagena says:

    Of course, Alvin had to cancel it just when it was getting good. :/

  8. The Super Shiny Mega Gengar says:

    Wow, Fire Sonic! That’s a new one. Hey Sega, can we make thgat a thing?

  9. the bears are who we thought they were! says:

    Its obvious that the shadow is doctor eggman

  10. the bears are who we thought they were! says:

    This is the fucking show of the year! Forget Cartoon network

  11. Kiyan Khastar says:

    30:06 what is the suspense sound effect

  12. vegetto says:

    25:46 wow sonic in Red how du anime teht 😀

  13. Harold Thompson says:

    Yo! Who wants this to come back!!?? Return of Super Mario Bros. Z!!!

  14. jalen hite says:

    Power levels
    Mario: 300Tanooki mario : 368Hammer mario: 450
    Luigi: 200Stone suit luigi : 300
    Sonic:300Fire sonic : 700
    Hammer bro: 10
    Koopatrol: 50
    Basilix:300Full power basilix:700

  15. Crimson Wolf says:

    May god help whoever stands in Fire Sonic’s way

  16. Apatrix says:

    Whats that song in the begining

  17. RlmPlay Z says:

    He is not making the series. This is a game and he records it. Do “Super Mario Bros Z game” and you will see it’s a game. By the way, you are smart.

  18. RlmPlay Z says:

    I remember waching the series and I was waiting for episode 9. Now I wait for episode 10. The old good times. :’)

  19. RSOL A L says:


  20. Firestorm says:

    Whats the song at 3:32?

  21. Diovion Lewis says:

    What’s the song played during sonic and shadows convo?

  22. Crimson Wolf says:

    25:45 So this is what is beyond the Gates of Hell in Mobius

  23. Gustavo Toledo says:

    Horrible el video es mega lindo yo soy un niñ tres año

  24. HeiseiShinGodzilla36 says:

    Who Else Noticed Mario Dabs When He Just Threw That Koopa knight Thingy To The Ground

  25. NiCO LeiBeNGuTH says:

    If you just want fight go to 21:44

  26. Brian Fitzgerald says:

    You magnificent bastard you! You played skies of Arcadia music! I’d recognize that games soundtrack anywhere! Good on you for using their music!!!

  27. Kassidy Freitag says:

    Sad that this canceled. I really did 💚 this series. The thing that makes me come back is Luigi. He is so entertaining. If I am having a bad day, I watch 1 episode of this and I cheer up. 2 think this is 7 years old now. I thank this series 4 keeping me happy durning the tough times. 🐱

  28. Sunky The Pokémon says:

    hotel mario 2:16

  29. Gamer Thousand says:

    26:52 – Luigi is a weapon

  30. Isaiah Perez says:

    17:55 LOL!

  31. Prince Aubrey says:

    its 2018 and im still watching this

  32. Mr.tokyokip 1 says:

    This series should be still be going on, its really sad that they stopped. 😢If everyone would donate some dollars then I think they would go on, because, srsly these fights are awesome so they take some time to make right?
    What is also wanted to say is that I love the cooperation between sonic and Mario and the tragic story of mobius. These series is really fantastic😍

  33. SONIC MANIAC! says:

    I used to watch this when I was little(despite me being a kid)

  34. SONIC MANIAC! says:

    Fir Sonic is OP!

  35. A-aron Vlogs says:


    *Straight in the pride.*

  36. TheFireTakerWater Emmanuel Lexis says:

    Fire Sonic = Sonic the Echadina

  37. Purely poke Life says:

    15:09 SMG4 REFRENCE

  38. Adam Chouhan says:

    25:54 spot the difference

  39. Simple Triano says:

    Hotel Mario reference 2:52

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