The Drunk Scotsman (lyrics)

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5 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Sounds about right, but hasn’t had a bow present, yet! 🙁 American 1st, but at least half inbred sheep shagging Scot. I’ll go braveheart on your ass if the Irish, lil German maybe Cherokee… doesn’t kick in 1st! ‘Merica…

  2. Shifty p says:

    das ist das beste lied was wir jemals gehört haben beide daumen hoch

  3. Iberian Caucasian says:

    I am Very very Drunk now . I love this song <3 From Georgia

  4. pat says:

    so literally everyone in Scotland

  5. Radicrash says:

    I’ve been listening to this and only now do i pay attention to the lyrics. I like this song even more now.

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