The Greatest Runs In NFL History

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7 Responses

  1. Alexei Rogue says:

    <3 #footbal

  2. Unknown User says:

    Where is Gale Sayers

  3. Robotron 2084 says:

    QB picking up a block. @9:18

  4. Canna Corn says:

    9:15 How to become “BitchMode”

  5. Reggie Kendrick says:

    At 2:13… I’m so tired of seeing that Bo Jackson run. He basically just ran around the edge and everyone was badly out of position. Overrated…

  6. Noc4ball says:

    Sanders could’ve been at 2. #2 was only there because his jersey was ripped to shreds.

  7. Nicholas Wilson says:

    7:01 anyone else see that #76 guy just tackle #38?

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