Tom Brady 2000 NFL Scouting Combine Highlights

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  1. REAL 'E' Paranormal says:

    Honestly, I don’t think he was really even trying. I mean, just look at the end of the cone-drill, he doesn’t put much effort into the finish.

  2. MR EXTINCT 69 says:

    why people hate Brady soo much

  3. Ash Sixx says:

    Who would’ve thought 17 years later he would be the GOAT. Imo he was the GOAT in 2014.

  4. jonmolina948 says:

    Looks like he’ll make a decent journeyman backup for a few years before he becomes a restaurant owner or used car salesman.

  5. I۞_۞I says:

    This is the ideal make body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

  6. Alan Byrd says:

    I wonder do these guys remember this..? lol

  7. YoBoy Hamburger says:

    Brady got slower from then to now in the pocket, he used to be agile (enough) in the pocket

  8. Horace Family01 says:

    Me he sucks at 🏃

  9. ThatHmoobGuy says:

    Tranny at its best

  10. IHate Myself says:

    1000th comment

  11. JAViLL says:

    “This is where we f***** up” says every analyst replaying this video

  12. OctTIPnew says:

    Madden better give this man 99 speed 😤

  13. T.C. Madison says:

    Wow he’s always been good. Hence why he should not be named the GOAT. That kind of honor is given to those who worked than anyone else. And that is Aaron Rodgers. Even the letters GOA are in his name. And then add the T from twelve (that’s his jersey number).

  14. noel123 says:

    Who got the last laugh though ?

  15. Callipygian Feature says:

    This is what a 40 year old QB should look like

  16. Christian Emmanuel says:


  17. D Man says:

    Matt Damon tried out for the NFL?

  18. joe strummer says:

    SCOUT REPORT FROM 2000: “This kid passes well and is good in the pocket. But with that 40 y.d. time and cone shuffle time….he is going to need to go to a team with a great O-line!”

  19. Electric Pranks says:

    Did anyone notice that this was in the colts stadium and this years combine was in the colts stadium??

  20. William Harris says:

    They left out the “White Privilege” drill.

    All jokes aside he’s the GOAT.

  21. TheGuitarded1 says:

    I haven’t followed football in a long time, but even I can tell this guy is PATHETIC. I doubt he lasts one season in the league…that’s if he’s lucky enough to be invited to camp somewhere.

  22. David C says:

    hmmmm….maybe a backup at best.

  23. Rich Mahogany says:

    Lol looks like he was running the 40 in cargo shorts.

  24. Brad C says:

    Little did everyone at this combine know, God was in their midst.

  25. Boondock Taint says:

    Little did Brady know then that 17 years later he would have 5 Superbowl rings, 4 SB MVP’s and titled the GOAT. He is in the Elite company of Michael Jordan, Muhamad Ali and Babe Ruth.

  26. noel123 says:

    Damn… I laugh every time I watch this…. undercover GOAT 🐐

  27. jwbaker15 says:

    I love how he’s wearing khaki shorts to the combine

  28. Boi Perfect says:

    Wtf is he wearing tho

  29. Dhruv Sabharwal says:

    LOL his 40 yard dash is worth laughing about u shuld see someone like leonard fournettes or antonio browns 40 yard dash

  30. vanitystr says:


  31. BManHD says:

    Oh guys, don’t worry we’ll just evaluate them by speed. This guy won’t do any good. WELL. HOW ABOUT NOW?

  32. Fuminori Takahashi says:

    is the last one slow motion?

  33. Victor Nguyen says:

    Teams in 2000
    Teams in 2017

  34. Ricky Morty says:

    Greatest QB and greatest underdog story

  35. Skyflakes101 says:

    Dat old combine…

  36. Horace Family01 says:

    He is so trash he can’t run fast he’s not the g.o.a.t

  37. pettin0566 says:

    2000 to 2017 the combine is way better in 2017

  38. Zion Tinnon says:

    Why does he run like that

  39. Mr Ladz says:

    Aww, he runs like a baby giraffe.

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