Top 20 Submissions In UFC History

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22 Responses

  1. LuxFlowz says:

    Bruh he tapped lmao 2:39

  2. LuxFlowz says:

    6:56 Herb Dean was like OH SHIT! lmao

  3. FeliSC00 says:

    DJ vs Ray Borg should 100% be in the top 5

  4. Daffa Arlana says:

    Nice sport

  5. Joovian ™ says:

    7:41 Instead of tapping his leg or his arm he Tapped dat ass.

  6. AngryChinaMan says:


  7. mrmikef10 says:

    Mir is so damn good!

  8. Justin Thomas says:

    Royce Gracie so decorated.

  9. Cةةىى Ffىةىى says:

    90% = judo nee wazai

  10. st V says:

    Anderson Silva had 3 appearances ? Same amount of times he’s been busted cheating now right? Garbage video

  11. God of war Golovkin says:

    I gotta get my ass into jujutsu …

  12. Sparxsimpatic says:

    Chaos Inside

  13. Christopher Kelly says:

    Whoever said jiu jitsu doesn’t work is a fucking dumbass

  14. admiradoruno says:

    0:37 amazing squeeze

  15. Andrew Glen says:

    That fucking twister

  16. Carching10 says:

    what happened at #6 his arm broke?

  17. AJEETA SINGH says:

    Triangle choke is best in ufc and hell’s gate is best in wwe but the common thing is that both submissions are used by the Undertaker.

  18. super gamer says:

    Frank Mir broke the dudes arm

  19. Ninja6670 says:

    7:42 XD

  20. Norsham Ishak says:

    Submission is like “girls pulling hair fight”! The easiest way to win but boring!!!! MMA will lose money when too many submission win.

  21. عبود 101 says:


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