Top 5 – Offensive Games

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27 Responses

  1. valentino says:

    I wanna play that columbine game lmao

  2. WWE LADZ says:

    that Hometown is gross

  3. WWE LADZ says:


  4. WWE LADZ says:


  5. WWE LADZ says:

    these games are gross

  6. Gummylox says:

    People die everyday

    Edge at its finest

  7. F1r3Fly says:

    report ignorant channel

  8. The Heavy 66 says:

    Jfk reloaded is a historical game.

  9. The Marjorie Show says:

    I played the Columbine one
    its a good game

  10. Thorium says:

    I didn’t know that Garnet was a part of the ZoominGames industry.


    Pls put a video on how to download rapelay!

  12. Victorina Yearga says:

    Heey Frienddsss I Have Foundddddd W0rikingggg Online Hacck visittttt : –

  13. 4chandler bong says:

    who is the crazy person to invent these games

  14. John Smith says:

    offensive to chicks. fuck em ..

  15. IvanMcool BLR says:

    All these games I have heard of cause a show called gaming history was on tV well not all of these ones

  16. Dawson Knopp says:

    I don’t Mind Get Rapelay On Pc But In Eng I Watch Rape Porn

  17. Ancient Will™ says:

    Whoa there pardner! There be souls in these here comments ready to eat your very flesh from your anus! Walk with caution!

  18. Anchy says:

    A rape eroge is banned, but there’s still hentai with rape in it today

  19. teza dhinata says:


  20. Faizan Khan says:

    rapelay game kaha se download karo batao please.. rply me fast.

  21. Seven-Six Two says:

    the columbine rpg was not made for shock value it is made for realizing that the gaming industry needed serious topics and to be honest the gameplay is pretty boring

  22. DarkGamer455 says:

    why isn’t v-tech massacre in here

  23. 1 IUsedToBeADog 1 says:

    any call of duty ever made. run around and kill people for fun. every 8 year old dream is to own every one of theses games. Man people need to set their priories straight. i mean i get the last one but its not like every 8 year old learns about rape or sex. My friends 10 year old brother favorite game is Gta v. The game about killing people for no reason, stealing cars, and hiring hookers. Man people and their easily triggered personalities. do people just look for shit to get upset about? i mean not one of these games even sounds real.

  24. Dinesh Ms says:

    How to download these

  25. JUSTIN says:

    i want no payment game

  26. Carlos Feliciano says:

    there is nothing wrong with these games smh some people are just pussies…. don’t play them if they offend you, don’t fuck it up for everyone else

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