Travis Scott – Maria I’m Drunk Feat. Justin Bieber & Young Thug (Music Video)

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17 Responses

  1. Kalahdenese says:

    i dont know why i love this song so much

  2. Joe Cardona says:

    doesnt anyone know why this isnt on rodeo on apple music and spotify??

  3. Wolf Haley says:

    speed at 1.25 and its preemo

  4. Bryan Sanchez says:

    please upload this to SoundCloud

  5. Bryan Sanchez says:

    oh I meant spotify

  6. H2z0 says:

    I don’t why but the beat in the background puts me in tears 😔💔😩

  7. Biebers Girl says:

    this reminds me maria yester the girl whi try to say just got he pregnant

  8. Yeezus Pablo says:

    justin is straight 🔥🔥 in this song

  9. Boogieman Worldwide says:

    trusst meeeeeee baby truss meeeeeee

  10. Senzo Senzo says:

    Can someone please call me and lets get DRUNK… Maria I’m DRUNK :v

  11. Iron Man says:

    yo i love dis song but this vibe and flow is dope asf its hard asf

  12. Prank Destroyers says:

    The intro is amazing

  13. RaiyneWun SuperDuper Flower says:


  14. Juandre Hermanson says:

    definitely having sex to this

  15. 97mastermatthew says:

    I Always watch this after a dab

  16. Aymen Ben says:

    If you dont like the sonng cuz of Justin , Thumbs up~!

  17. Tyara says:

    I was bumping this in middle school. Now I’m in college… still a great song.

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