UFC 193: Post-fight Press Conference

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32 Responses

  1. Arigato xx says:

    Rematch makes sense? This guy’s a clown holly beat her into retirement it was that bad, if Ronda is stupid enough to fight holly again holly will beat her into a casket.

  2. Black Cat says:

    Holm is on top of the world!!! 🌍🌎

  3. Cody Warren says:

    holm looks horrible

  4. ezr168 says:

    Holly is such a cool chick.

  5. kk piter says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself Ronda, you will always be the first!!!!!

  6. Joseph Schmoe says:

    This fight was outstanding! It’s about time someone with skill ‘really’ welcomed Rousey to MMA. Great job Holly!!

  7. Luis Gor says:

    1 down, McSteroid next

  8. littlegoatgt says:

    I like how she answered the question at 17:00.  Its as if the guy asking the question didn’t see the fight.

  9. Mister Pink says:

    holly holm looks like the terminator had a child with amy shumer.

  10. Brian Kerby says:

    can’t even show up to the post fight conference.

  11. Chad Simon says:

    ..so… a lot of records were broken here tonight…. um … I made more money tonight then I ever have in one night… I am very fucking lucky… and now I own this fucking shit and shits blowing up.

  12. Chad Simon says:

    This is why people don’t think UFC is a pure sport. It combines so many fields of fighting, you can be the best fighter in the world, and you take a wrong angle, someone gets you in a choke hold and its over, thats bullshit. Bring back boxing, it’s the sweet science for a reason. unless this shit is just all stage for max theatrics and ratings, there is just so many things that can lose you a fight, your gonna start having to make it like best 3 out of 5, youre never gonna know whose the best. The way he is talking about “breaking records”, he sounds like fuckan Donald Trump!

  13. crapodopalese says:

    So Ronda gets a pass because of a split lip but Joana needs to sit there with a broken arm? fuckin dana

  14. GrotesqueHyydra says:

    Ronda has only been a bitch with holly and miesha ? I don’t know why everyone acts like she’s a bitch

  15. JCHURP0 says:

    I always wondered how rousey holm got fight of the night it was so one sided

  16. Dhruv Jhorar says:

    mark is the coolest man …checkout at 3:42

  17. bioticum says:

    Mark Hunt inspecting Joannas title at 03.35 + flirts with her

  18. Asim Yousuf says:

    Dana looks severely butt hurt.

  19. Tim Prather jr says:

    Is it just me?, or the fact that Joanna had a broken hand, and STILL went on to the press conference make Ronda Drousey look even worse?

  20. Ahmed Shah says:

    Ronda you fucking bitch you couldn’t even turn up to answer the media
    You fake cow you got exposed
    Don’t ever be cocky again you stupid whore

  21. Ahmed Shah says:

    Ronda looks like the one eyed monster from the goonies

  22. Torres9 Nothing says:

    she’s a cutie

  23. GamingGen says:

    Ronda was just embarrassed to attend the press conference. Cmon Joanna is sitting with a broken hand and Ronda’s out because of a lip split.

  24. Sean Moonshine says:

    Dana ” only money matters ” White is sick as a pig lol

  25. Lukas Tragic says:

    Dana looked so pissed hahahaha

  26. Stephen Zakaria says:

    Dana keeps on excusing Ronda for skipping interview after every of her lost, look at this with ufc@207. This isn’t fair at all, Dana is becoming more greedier every fight.. Its time for him to retire!

  27. Jack Samuel says:

    I just came he’s to drink danas tears

  28. joshua hymer says:

    They touted Rhonda as being this beauty queen ? I don’t get it… holly and Meisha both shame her in the sexiness depo.

  29. joshua hymer says:

    Holly has better head movement talking than Rhonda does during a boxing exchange.

  30. food luv says:

    what’s wrong is not having Ronda do press like the rest of the fighters that lost.

  31. MrInfectedMonkey says:

    daw they look very pretty.

  32. Mike B says:

    How did Holm Rousey get fight of the night? That was 6 minute one sided beat down, Whittaker/Urijah Hall was a damn good fight and the first time I really started to really take Whittaker seriously. Now he’s the best damn MIddleweight in the world.

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