UFC 196 Pre-fight Press Conference

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40 Responses

  1. muaar says:

    @1:11:30 hahaha ‘hey nick fuck you!’ *finger*

  2. J R says:

    Real men don’t stoop so low and go on welfare like Connor did they get off ther ass and find a fucken job
    Mr clown Connor should give back what he took in welfare

  3. no name says:

    When Nate said I don’t give a fuck he meant it Diaz.

  4. patrick crawford says:

    Who is the fat dude who always gets the first question? actually I think he got the 2nd one here….but you know who’m talkin boot! Who da fook is dat fat goy?

  5. patrick crawford says:

    that is the strangest looking man I have ever seen 1:02:29

  6. maruf javed says:

    40:26 how bou that meme

  7. Rc Arsenio says:

    fuck Reebok

  8. Rc Arsenio says:

    pussies after this said, ” Connor gassed, omg he wasn’t ready.” hahaha! ducking pussies, yes I said ducking rather than fucking..hahaha!

  9. Captain Sandersz says:

    1:11:30 “Hey Nick! Fuck you!” “Who’s Nick?” LOL

  10. Fuch Goog says:

    So many fags pretending nate doesnt walk around at 180-190lbs, while saying conor only fights dude’s smaller than he is.

  11. Reuven Classica says:

    TRT Daina

  12. ex6tenceLV says:

    McGregor just showed us he is most of a talker when Diaz before has fought all the toughest fighters before and then Connor talks bullshit about Diaz? He is such a low shit but most of people that listen to this is with low IQ plus EVERY1 just LOVES bullshit tallking! That is how you can get popular! BY TALKING SHIT about NOT TOP stars and winning them somehow once in a ten and then making yourself a star by bullshitting yrlsf up the LADDER !!!

  13. Andrew Ibarra says:

    Ugly fucker keeps chewing his gum annoying as fuck

  14. Sean Gallagher says:

    “Hey, Nate! Fuck you!” *middle finger appears from nowhere* hahahaha

  15. enn bee says:

    1:08:20 Haha.

  16. Korvis says:

    for the ones looking for the song of minute 13:00 its called king for a day-Wayne Murray

  17. Sargeant Barnes says:


    209 BITCH

  18. Cameron Gravely says:

    don’ talk about money you’re broke , greatest comeback ever

  19. jebi se says:

    Conor tried to intimidate nate. it didn’t work lol. but still loved the stance.

  20. Darksyde Dubstep / Chill says:

    Conference starts at 33:20 😁

  21. SPD FLEX GOD says:

    What’s the song name

  22. K Sk says:

    usps is the worst service ever you can believe it

  23. Mikuz says:

    Why are these idiots even asking Holly and Miesha questions?

  24. R33z says:

    Holme is one bad chick. She can fight

  25. alexanderkenniethbam says:

    Conor knew about Nate being heavy on his left foot, so why didn’t he target it at this fight?

  26. Oseias Port says:

    tomou um sacode otario

  27. James Bronson says:

    Nate Diaz won the first, in my eyes he won the second and he’ll beat Conor in the third just waiting for that title fight to happen.

  28. Acropol says:

    Vito spatafore working as the cameraman from Sopranos at 1:02:28

  29. Joshua Ramirez says:

    Connor scared like a bitch ass leprechaun

  30. Trae Murphy says:

    “Maybe they were just giving everything i worked for, to you.” That was by far the most backward lamest and unintelligible statement that ive ever heard in my life.

  31. WestSideOfTheChi says:

    My Whole Team Will BEAT ur whole teams ass

  32. Grim Reaper says:

    Who’s watching this in 2008?

  33. Kajo Dilo says:

    Conor looks like a Never Back Down reject,xD, with all those crazy tattoos and that line he said here “but they do not back down,they are put down” its like he waited his whole life to say this and he is not even a good wrestler xD Nate is simple and amazing with no push from the UFC,while Conor looks like that kid that is able to survive training hard,like,yesterday

  34. Melissa Austin says:

    I was a fan a both fighters, but Conor is acting like such a douche with this Mayweather thing. Nate is stays the same, I respect that.

  35. Apache Chief says:

    You got it all figured out but who do you train with? You got Tapped out by two Guineas.

  36. Berserker Greezy says:

    Misha <3 damn !

  37. alejandro v says:

    Conor talking about “panic grapplers” and nate not making it past the second , LOL the irony

  38. Adam Middleton says:

    I love both of these guys I can’t wait for the 3rd fight. both of these guys are beast status. they fuck people up mentally and physically.

  39. rixonator5000 says:

    Jake shields will do nothing he’s a juiced up bum.

  40. R33z says:

    Holly is the best woman fighter in the UFC. She has plenty of passion. She speaks from the heart

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