UFC 200: Fight Motion

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5 Responses

  1. Tommys Dad says:

    I’ll order the replay if you blur out Nunes’ face

  2. Luis Perez Purroy says:

    Wasabi was robed and they even put his straikes in the video , shame…

  3. Peaking Mantis says:

    Yo Jose Aldo just did some ninja shit wtf 1:34

  4. Daishinkai Sama says:

    This sound track would have been GREAT if the fights were actually entertaining.
    Thanks to DC and lesnar the night was shit.

  5. Daishinkai Sama says:

    Nunes is the perfect example of one of those delusional people who are born a woman and kay claim to being a man.
    In the past she says “im a liddol girl” when asked about fighting cyborg but now all of a sudden, cause the hype is right she is willing to get her head knocked off by Cris. Only to excuse herself after the fight “im a bantamweight, i took the chance to be great, give me props” lmao

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