UFC 210: Anthony Johnson Announces His Retirement

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  1. Hero of Time says:

    He basically implied he lost on purpose when he said thank you to everyone who didn’t show up to the fight. Like what the fuck how did no one notice?

  2. BIGBADAZBOZS lizardlips says:

    Every thing he said there was from the heart I got told from my cannabis buddy rumble put 30 grand in a medical cannabis company growing it leagle and same year made 10 times that amount ? Reason he left ufc

  3. Nick Jonathan says:

    Whoes cuttin onions in this comment section

  4. James Sully says:

    Such a class act!

  5. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA says:

    I finally manged to get past this whole video without crying thank you Anthony for everything you are my favourite ufc fighter of all time I will miss you and will never forget you

  6. Superjimmy 28 says:

    It says Daniel Cormier in the first 2 sec

  7. Dea3hGun says:

    i bet he is live streaming on twitch now

  8. Findavi 7 says:

    My favourite fighter of all time

  9. Mr Me says:

    He’s team are a joke leaving him like that ruled up

  10. Paulos tzigli says:

    i miss him already!

  11. Samantha Cortez Coreas says:


  12. Ryan Whitelaw says:

    He either has something badly wrong with him inside him or he was blackmailed or something this isn’t like rumble

  13. Samantha Cortez Coreas says:


  14. DeluxeR3D says:

    Maybe the next life we do that 😭

  15. lucky strike says:

    ANTHONY “humble” JOHNSON

  16. Zane Devoux says:

    Made me tear up real bad 😭

  17. PATISTA BOMB says:

    He was my favourite player to use on UFC along side DC… and my created player too lol

  18. Daniel Hughes says:

    Fake ass fans . Only true fans know who rumble was. the crowd doesn’t even cheer for him . And his coaches are cowards only want the fame and bitch and cry and leave there fighter. Fucked up .

  19. Bulldog Boy says:

    I really want him back

  20. Bulldog Boy says:

    His new job was breeding French bulldogs if anyone was wondering !

  21. liam c says:

    Didn’t he retire to sell weed ? 😂

  22. U down wit O.P.P says:

    One of my favs. A man!

  23. Christha Goat says:

    15th time watching this video and I’m still like damn he was my favorite fighter in ufc and in ufc 2 I’ve dominating with him 💯💯

  24. Corie Olajugoat says:

    1:01 someone screams “don’t do it”

  25. Johnny-B Racer says:

    anybody have any idea what he’s going to do in his “different career” that he mentioned? he said it wasn’t even mma related, curious what it is?

  26. Waqas Ali says:

    Are the tickets for Jones vs Rumble in the next life out yet?

  27. Just Josh says:

    Rumble and Jones sparring in the after life, makes me teary eyed’

  28. JB Johnson says:

    Boy took a dive and then got out of dodge.

  29. Keith Tapayan says:


  30. Sheikh R. says:

    “ you fucking idiot”

  31. Alexander Supertramp says:

    He gettin into the Marijauna, field! Much safer

  32. Fergus Long says:

    hahaha, i got worried for a sec. I read the title as “Anthony Joshua announces his retirement”

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