UFC 224: Brock Lesnar Versus Anderson Silva Full Fight Breakdown By Paulie G

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17 Responses

  1. Dragon ball super e foda says:

    Anderson Silva não aguenta nem 30 segundos , com brock lesnar

  2. TRIPPY MOOD says:

    brock lesner fucking sucks anderson silva haa so many ko

  3. Joshua Syms says:

    wtf??? dumb. where’s the fight?

  4. Diotz Skill says:

    brock just beaten by valesquaz

  5. Manoel Oliveira says:


  6. Buss 'N Buck says:

    I don’t really know how good Anderson Silva is bc i never watched ufc before but i do watch wwe and brock is in wwe so i guess i go for brock

  7. Buss 'N Buck says:

    plus i know wwe is fake BUT in the wwe brock defeted goldberg but i do know this was before dat cuz he defeted goldberg at wrestlemania 33

  8. Ricardo Nascimento says:

    fuck you

  9. Robert Duke says:

    can we actual see the fight or do we need to listen to all the fagot anouncers?

  10. Johny rodrigues says:

    MOTHER fuck

  11. SOren0414 says:

    Uhh, how about you don’t make shitty clickbait videos. On another note, the audio quality you’re working with horrible.

  12. Waday olvera says:

    la araña es real y lesnar es solo un payaso mas producto de la mercadotecnia

  13. metalhead headbanger says:

    Brock lesnar win

  14. Danielle and Mia Vlogs says:

    amazing fighter? hes lost over 63% of his fights!

  15. Danielle and Mia Vlogs says:

    Brock and he UFC had a fall out because he kept jumping between WWE and UFC..and hey basically said, “THIS ISN’T A JOKE…YOU’RE FIRED” …Look it up.

  16. kyrie irving says:

    Its finna be ufc 219 do you got tv

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