Ultimate Royce Gracie: Final Fight

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20 Responses

  1. Yosmany Gonzalez says:

    Se pego de pelo el otro no lo mordio para mi perdio greice

  2. Ras Fiend says:

    Kimo’s back-acne is pointing to ‘roids

  3. Jersson Gil rios says:

    Cogiendo del pelo ¿?…en qué parte del ju jitsu se enseña eso ¿? Q vergüenza de pelea…

  4. Dapdoi Ardon says:

    I’ll never understand how that fuck couldn’t just crush him.

  5. Mizontec says:

    Как девчонка за волосы хватается. А так огрёб бы конечно.

  6. David Brandt says:

    According to the Old Testament we should not have tattoos.

  7. smoothshot 95 says:

    Why so many dislikes

  8. iosonomich1 says:

    When MMA wasn’t about drama bulltshit

  9. melagkomas20 says:

    huge weight and strength difference, kudos to royce for winning

  10. jose lozada says:

    si me gusta

  11. Dmitriy Bespalov says:

    Вот сучёнок, клок волос вырвал и по ходу со шкурой аж кровь пошла.

  12. mang kanor says:

    5% bodyfat my ass

  13. Rusty Shackelford says:

    holy shit that jesus tattoo. are we sure he wasn’t just the best troll of all time

  14. Green Grass says:

    Royce’s finest hour. Kimo is so much bigger and stronger, that full mount means fuck all. He just bench pressed Royce off. Yes we all know modern technique and strength beats the smaller guy at the highest level, but this was the moment when Royce proved skill can beat brawn. Royce will forever be remembered for proving that the smaller guy can win.

  15. Char Aznable says:

    Real life Tekken

  16. Lucas Lira says:

    Puxao de cabelo, soco sem luvas….

  17. Arm-Lock says:

    Royce foi o melhor lutador por que ele foi só com o jiu-jtsu e pegou caras de todos os estilos…

  18. cfx5000 says:

    Jesus was not rooting for Kimo that night.

  19. Shadow says:

    He ripped so much hair out

  20. Leopoldo Fregoli says:

    dear kimo, you sure the Almighty God approves your stupid tatoos?

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