Weezer – We Are All On Drugs

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24 Responses

  1. Tyler Maltes says:

    With all the crazy things happening everyday in society, I would not hesitate to believe everyone is on drugs.

  2. somberrose85 says:

    best after school special EveR 😛

  3. Socalians - Círculo Bohemio - Sages Vault says:


  4. jimbo naders says:

    I prefer vodka 😂🎸

  5. Suzie Fowler says:

    If not voluntarily, for lack of informed consent.

  6. Agung Satrio says:

    my vavorit song

  7. Game Cabbage says:

    put is on 0.75 or 0.5 and you’re really on drugs

  8. Kiel Bicanek says:

    Try not to read into the bullshit and listen to the song

  9. Duane Mudgett says:

    On my iPod my version says “I want to comphiscate your drugs” at 2:00

  10. Michael Moreno says:


  11. Theodore Mapesows says:

    Occupy wallstreet*****

  12. Theodore Mapesows says:


  13. Theodore Mapesows says:


  14. Theodore Mapesows says:


  15. Theodore Mapesows says:


  16. Mephisto -BlackKnife- says:


  17. Mephisto -BlackKnife- says:


  18. Mephisto -BlackKnife- says:


  19. Mephisto -BlackKnife- says:

    i dpngoa

  20. Le The Eyeless Jack says:

    I’m confused, is this anti drugs or pro drugs XDD

  21. Vertex Lila says:

    … que belleza xaax

  22. Phoenix Rose says:

    I love the guitar in this one

  23. swampdodger says:

    thats a good song

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