What Girls Do When They’re Drunk

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23 Responses

  1. Marrow Marrow no Mi says:

    I hate drunk girls they are the worst some guys think they are easy but mane they aren’t even attractive anymore trust me

  2. emma essary says:


  3. Shochiku Bai says:

    Okay but who the fuck eats a banana when they’re drunk lol

  4. It's Me says:

    Am I the only person watching this in 2017

  5. Brennen Crown says:

    So is this just what Jenna does every other week?

  6. Zion i edhel says:

    I watch you and I am drunk. you look lovely and I want to have sex with you by the way.

  7. Maddie Xoxo says:

    been watching her since this video

  8. Kathleen Garcia says:

    I wonder what her future kids will think of this

  9. Christine Zulkosky says:

    back when marbles was alive

  10. valkyrie1845 says:

    I have to avoid saying “Dear bitch, I like your tits. Loooove Jenna!” at least once a week if not more. It’s part of my subconscious after this much time hahaha

  11. Aimee Woods says:

    rip marble

  12. Michelle Aguilar says:

    *sleeps with patron bottle* lmao!!! 😂 love you jenna!!!

  13. Kathy Ramirez says:


  14. Lasagna says:

    Jenna when she’s drunk is me all the time.

  15. Red Kiig says:

    Hey Jenna you should upload a video about how girls recover the morning after.

  16. Hannah Duckworth says:

    I’m drunk while watching this and it’s so accurate

  17. Ayah A. says:

    How was that banana shot

  18. Blair Waldorf says:

    This was before you could order pizza online that was an amazing invention for a drunk person 👏🏼👏🏼 probably because they lost so much business from drunk people that called and they couldn’t understand

  19. Callie Hampton says:

    Saw this when I was like 3 and now I finally understand

  20. Jessica Kasten says:

    Marbles gives no fucks😂

  21. Julia Lake says:

    Many years ago I worked at a pizza restaurant. This is an accurate depiction of the drunk women that called in 😂

  22. Sagar Magar says:

    Crazy biatch

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