What Happens When You’re Drunk AND Stoned At The Same Time?

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17 Responses

  1. sbu S says:

    i had alcohol and muffins last night. Best feeling ever. unreal

  2. Yoinked says:

    Ah yes, my natural state 🙂

  3. Alex Esteva says:

    We say twisted…

  4. The Great Chimera says:

    Drunk + High= a good time

  5. MusicMemer says:

    I’m high asf rn and I didn’t even pay attention to the video

  6. Christopher James says:

    You feel like dying.

  7. Cralo says:

    You go to sleep

  8. Cole LaCasse says:

    Long story short, being cross faded is very fun

  9. Domestic_K9 says:

    I need someone to telL ME HOW TO STOP THE SCREAMING AHH

  10. Chris Collins says:

    weeds Not a drug. A drug is a man made substance. Last time I checked weed wasn’t made by man. My 2 cents;)

  11. Podrick Payne says:

    Done it

  12. Dante R. says:

    you can’t puke while high+drunk ? duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, i feel like being drunk, for you, mean like half a glass of beer or smth, cuz you clearly haven’t seen me projectile vomiting on everything while oding from booze an’ weed

  13. Twilight Sparkle says:

    thankfully its not hard to vomit whenthe room spinning at 100mph in 2 seperate directions.

  14. Rodrigo Chong says:

    This pictures are to much man

  15. Resa E says:

    One time i was super drunk, and i thought it would be a good idea to take two massive hits from a bong (mind u, I never smoke bongs, I always smoke joints) and man I was stoneddddd asf, more than I have ever been. I thought I died and I was staring at my family waiting for them to notice I was dead so they can begin my funeral process. I remember staring at all of them and it felt like I was ascending into the after life. I remember feeling hella sad because I never got to say bye 🙁 Also, I felt like I was shifting into different dimensions, like 1 second I was on earth, next I was in the solar system about to be on a different planet. It was trippy af. I had to stay away from weed for a month coz that scared the shit out of me. Lesson learnt, don’t get wasted and smoke out of a bong 🙂 lol

  16. betafour says:

    The healthiest thing to do is to just not do either of them

  17. Mr. Juan Deag says:

    It’s called cross fading btw

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