Women Train Like UFC Fighters For 60 Days

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18 Responses

  1. Johnny Lira says:

    No grappling? It’s basically just muay thai sparring.

  2. negra18soccer says:

    DAMNNNN MICHELLE look at that bod girl!

  3. Arshdeep Thind says:


  4. Andy 7 says:

    They both bad asf


    Man their good now!

  6. Pansy Lad says:

    when do the buzzfeed males fight each other?

  7. vSaucin 2k says:

    10:07 Good combo by Michelle

  8. J.A.I2239 ZITRO says:


  9. Eric Swells says:

    Props to both of them! Both equally Badass

  10. 42Ø Piløts says:

    7:55 I saw Jordan’s earring and I just like barfed in my *brain* god

  11. Purple Dog says:

    Not to be a hater but I go to boxing classes and seeing her cry over a fight looks like she’s weak

  12. Ronnie Anderson says:

    I think micchel won

  13. Vo iD says:

    cute 🙂

  14. ProdiJAI says:

    Keith should be the UFC announcer once buffer retires

  15. XmatterX says:

    Who else found their fight funny?

  16. Langdon Alger says:

    “He gave us the real deal” lol, no he did not. I just came from another Buzzfeed video and their fight videos are jokes. 2 hours a day? That’s a warm up for pro combat athletes.

  17. Crispy Arab says:

    Fucking Kaysauce… What?

  18. Jaxon Whittle says:

    Is Krzystof Soszynski still a ufc fighter?

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