Your Six Drunk Personalities

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34 Responses

  1. Steel says:

    Where is the guy who really lets go of his inhibitions and shows off just how bad his violent tendencies are under influence…?

  2. sjudd says:

    Omg that’s Jim from The Office!

  3. Carson says:

    Reginald t. Moneypants
    Best character

  4. yuritanndesu says:

    100% the stuntman. I woke up with bruises on my leg today – apparently, I saw my crush, had an anxiety attack, ran towards a couch and jumped over it screaming. Remind me never to drink again.

  5. Joana `Jamolin says:

    They should have added the “alert one” which whatever happens seem to be balanced and responsible…I used to be like that when we drink on events and then “things” happen and I became the “baby” cuz I’m sad and I can’t control the intensity of my emotions 😂😂😂

  6. Shrita Singh says:

    Who’s the actor?

  7. Rach Frisella says:

    I’m basically straight-edge at this point (the fact that I’m not legal yet and have rather strict parents probably helps) but I can’t help but wonder how I’d act if I did get drunk.

  8. Miss KRR says:

    The baby one lmbo so true

  9. Jay 037 says:

    Thats a good friend he was with him that while time

  10. Ben7seven7 says:

    Which drunk personality are you? 🍺

  11. Tropicalnight says:

    And there’s the drunk personality that likes to pole dance half-naked with a guy that u haven’t quite known for a while, and then proceed to grind on a legendary ice skater, and then you cutely (but VERY drunk) ask him to be your couch. AKA if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Shadow Fall says:

    Cute. His boy loves him ❤️

  13. Will Smith says:

    Who else saw the queen is dead in the back

  14. Hoey Aaron says:

    Did he just call Jameson swill….

  15. The Duck says:


  16. Jacksepticeye 2 says:

    I’m the baby even when I’m sober

  17. backwoodsjunkie08 says:

    Ahhh i remember the first tim i ever got drunk! It was like 12am in the woods with 20 other friends. I climbed a 100ft tree and ended up pissing on someones head… Good times

  18. too many cooks says:

    *silly party girl* – loud but not obnoxiously, can make witty and sarcastic jokes (banter), generally a good time, not over the top
    *relapsed depressed mess* – only triggered by sad events such as someone starting a fight or my ex texting me, ill cry and curl up in the corner, hoping no one will notice, opens up a /little/ too much
    *fight club stunt double* – pick a fight with me and you KNOW youre gonna get pummeled even though im a 120 pound white girl with little to no fighting experience, this isnt my default though so as long as you dont pick a serious fight (minor quiffles are okay) I wont get pissed
    *zombie* – all i want to do is throw up and sleep, no food ill vomit everywhere, i cant lie down either because the world will become a spinning top so i have to sit down and try not to focus on puking and keeping the world still

  19. Dlard says:

    I’m so fucking tired

  20. Football Highlights says:

    30k only pre-year that’s not a lot

  21. TheKronaGuy says:

    where’s the giggler?

  22. Avveyo says:

    *OH MY GEE*

  23. Ronit Nayak says:

    oh my g, you are fucking beautiful

  24. drewdogg416 says:

    My first drunk was “im drunk guys!” “I love you so much man you’re my best friend” and “I’m a lightweight man. Did you know?” Each of them told at least 10 times.

  25. TALL LIZARD OF THE AU's says:

    You forgot the I can do anything drunk

  26. Civis Hamburgum says:

    Back then, when They wäre funny.

  27. Marley says:

    I spent most of the video wondering why the guy was called Katherine

  28. Giants Fan Forever says:

    That tie knot though……..

  29. One_up Channel says:


  30. Outcast Gyke says:

    I always go immediately to the baby

  31. Steven G says:

    I’m like a baby and cool guy. I go for the ladies but just talk gibberish and LOVES boobies.

  32. _toastedMammal _ says:

    XD The baby

  33. HankusTheTankus says:

    You missed the “suicidal depressed maniac”

  34. Panini! At The Party says:

    I love how they use a completely average person

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